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Lenskart is an Indian optical prescription eyewear retail chain. As of September 2019, Lenskart had over 500 stores in 70 cities in India. The company had a valuation of $1.5 billion by Dec 2019 after Softbank invested around $275 million. Peyush Bansal, a former Microsoft employee, founded Lenskart in 2010 along with Amit Chaudhary and Sumeet Kapahi. In 2019 Lenskart generated total revenue of Rs.486.26 cr. Financial backers of Lenskart include TPG Growth, International Finance Corp and Adveq Management. Ratan Tata (of Tata Sons) and S Gopalakrishnan (of Infosys) have also invested in Lenskart. In March 2018 Wipro Chairman Azim Premji invested 400cr in the group taking the valuation of the company to 3000 Crore. By 2016 Lenskart had become one of the two top optical chains in India, along with Titan Eye Plus. Its manufacturing facility in Delhi manufactures 300,000 glasses a month. Lenskart also has a factory in Zhengzhou (China) which manufactures about 50% of the production. Lenskart launched the eyewear brand John Jacobs in 2017 and for that brand aimed to touch Rs 500 crore in revenue in two years. In 2018 the company became profitable (EBITD).

A former customer shared this in a review "Lenskart is not a trustworthy place anymore. I was a regular customer for them. Have already bought 5-6 frames in last one year and also recommended many people to buy from there. But now due to crisis, they changed their policies. Earlier they sold their gold membership saying buy one get one free for one year for all frames. And now they are saying that company has closed that thing. Being an international chain for glasses, no one expects such thing from Lenskart. You cant keep your words for which u sell your gold membership. Boycott Lenskart. We supported them buying their Chinese frames. But if they cant do business with ethics then we dont need to stick to them."


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Tech Lead (Former Employee) says

"Tech and product work cutlure is terrible. So is the case with most other teams. Best talent has left and is leaving the organisation. They had a lot of funds but still had paycuts, no appraisal, no variable payout in covid. ..on top of that people worked more to take company out of sticky situation. Cons: Everything else"

sales executive (Former Employee) says

"Non productive and in my words Modern day slave They will makeyou work for salary as if born to be slave for Lenskart. my position inthe company was Refractionist Cons: Long Hours no respect for employee"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked at franchise store was promised company payroll with the written mail ..but even after waiting for 2 months franchise denied Cons: Long duty hours with less n late payment"

Customer Experience specialist (Former Employee) says

"this is the worst place to work, there is no respect for an employee. Management is full of partiality. Managers are also very unprofessional, they don't know how to talk with the employee."

Seles Executive (Former Employee) says

"In this company no management for employees hr says something and doing something don't trust on them there are worst people working in head office..and human resources management is also not supporting.and you work in franchises store than head office people they don't care on franchises employee,and employee Champlain about franchise at that time employee become wrong they blaming the employee human resources. People not responsive at that doesn't pick the phone and that last the bottom line is not trusted company and people in West side.. Cons: N/a"

Optometrist (Current Employee) says

"Worked from home for 2 months only after that they removed from this, this was type of telecalling after some time they changed criteria for attendance in telecalling, indirectly they removed me, Cons: No bonus on festivals, no holidays in festivals, no incentive becoz they give us unachievable target, low salary for optom, improper monthly salary, Terrible, disgusting company money minded owner forcing their colleagues to work more hard to earn more."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was a pathetic work culture and Management Specially at Jogeshwari under such a area manager who knows only one hand n selfish work style. Tried to resolve the issue but not got the support support from Cons: Don't have ethics at store operations level"

Area Manager (Current Employee) says

"Stressfull work schedule"

SE (Sales Executive) says

"I m currently working at lenskart since 2019 but they looking only work not a employee hard work, growth rate in terms of wealth, recognition,personal and professional is very low in this company, they only tried to pressure his employee in terms of work, NPS, sale,employee who are looking to build his career in lenskart I don't want recommend any one to join lenskart,who think that he can achieve success in lenskart Cons: Pressure of work, recognition is just a word in this company"

Sale Executive (Former Employee) says

"Company employee is very selfish ,without any problem left me during in lockdown. If you don't want pay me in lockdown ,I accept this . But why are you left the employee difficult situation . Sry that company manager very selfish . I have no words for u ."

Optometrist (Current Employee) says

"The salary of employees are deducted by up to 40% and before covid the store is having 6 employees and now 3 employees are working and also salary is not getting as pre covid is getting."

refrectionist (Former Employee) says

"As they will pay u 20 to 22k but the will ask u to work as a bounded labor and the management will only place a sward in other back. They dont have a concernt that u are coming from 50 or 100 km. If they will ask u to be in office by 7am then u have to be there. even though your manager dont comes on time. some of the time they even cancel your weak off."


"The team and management will never think of their employees stress and how they will feel if suggest something. They are never employee oriented and always looking for money and bucketing people will grow in their careers. I don't know on what basis they level up careers. Cons: Management"

Full Stack Developer (Current Employee) says

"Work culture is not good."

Store Manager (Retail) says


Assist Manager (Operations) says

"For new employ i will suggest please give interview and experience yourself, i personally dint liked working with lenskart as seniors do not have manners to talk. Cons: No"

Operation Executive (Former Employee) says

"Lenskart is good company Cons: Na"

HR Operations (Former Employee) says

"Good Learning Experience"

Trainer and Sr. Optometrist (Current Employee) says

"-They will make you learn about how to sustain ina company"

SALES EXECUTIVE (Former Employee) says

"Management does not take care of employees and alot of politics involved in growth of employees. Work is very competitive and knowledgeable, but no proper training given to improve product knowledge. HR department is worst who always listen to high level authority and are biased. Cons: regular"

Struggling online customer says

"Worst service . Be careful they don’t respond after you pay and also don’t have a customer care number"

AJ says


AG says

"Most fraudulent site. Got my products delayed by 4 days and then found out that I received the wrong products. Been talking to the customer service for 6 days in a row and getting no help from their end. So frustrating and ridiculous! I’ll make sure I or anyone I know never order from this website ever again."


"Worst experience ever. Placed the order they cancelled after seven days saying that it cannot be customised. Well the order shouldn't have gone through in the first place and its a normal vision."

Eileen Kotkin says

"I have tried many times to get my glasses exchanged as they are NOT my prescription. It started back in May 2020. After numerous emails from me and quite frankly sporadic responses from lenskart they now are stating I do not get a refund.
THIS is Fraudulent advertising. The only good reviews are from the natives of India. I would not have used this company but covid scares me. Now I am out $95."

Srimukh Y says

"I have shopped with lenskart long before assuming service and response from lenskart would be same .. I order couple of computer glasses lenskart customer support responds 4 days once .. at end of 2nd month from date of my purchase I asked for full refund it’s taking more than a month to process this ... and also my parents visited one of lenskart stores in Hyderabad they have charged them membership without even
Providing service if you can’t make certain glasses why the hell will charge your useless membership fee for ? I have zero trust buying anything from lenskart any more #badcustomereexperience"

Jerry Lukash says

"very poor materials and construction. Lens popped out the first time I cleaned them....and continues to do so. CHEAP indeed describes the product!"

mona shah says

"Lack of Vision

Pathetic customer service.. bunch of difficult to deal with individuals or robots sending same scripted mesaages irrespective of issues and comments.

1. Received email that product is sent
2. DHl ( courier) suggested me to pay cutoms of £2,000 for the product value of £120. It should be around £30
3. LENSKART response was that I have to pay, as this is my responsibility to pay customs, but was not able to understand that question of it should be only around £30 and not £2000
4. DHL fixed issue and I paid custom charges circa £30
5. But Lenskart advised DHL to return parcel. Now, I have paid customes but parcel was not sent
6. After days of effort,it sent parcel
7. Is the end of misery? NO
8. Incorrect prescription.. so wrong that i was able to see 100 times better without the new glasses
9. Again multiple mail chains, to get the refund or new glasses
10. Lenskart was not ready to refund custom and courier charges even though it was its mistake
11. After weeks of mail chain,it agreed that it will cover the cost of customs and courier charges as I have paid against the wrongly supplied glasses
12. It sent new glasses after few weeks and after multiple follow-ups
13. Is this end of misery? 👎 ⛔
14. It has not paid custom charges, and now DHL is doing follow-ups
15. LENSKART stopped responding for 2 weeks
16. At last I have received email with the suggestion that it is customer responsibility to pay, and now it is simply ignoring promises made over email about Lenskart covering the customs and courier charges.

Shameful bunch of customer service persons."

Varun says

"I ordered from their Canadian website but they shipped it from their Indian warehouse. Had to pay additional 40 dollars for custom charges, had to fill multiple forms, and provide a power of attorney as to why I am ordering from India. It's so stupid. Not worth it. Their customer service dont even respond."

Susan Vaughan says

"VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. They don't respond to emails. They don't respond to cancellation until you file a dispute with paypal. Then they tell you - Oh sorry we can't refund because you filed a dispute -- baloney, says paypal. They completely ignore request for cancellation - keep asking for your prescript which you explained already you had to get corrected. JUST A DAMNED HASSLE. not worth it and the cost with lenses is a lot more than what you expect."

Chintu says

"This is a complete sham. They do not honor returns and exchange."

Anushka Arora says

"They promised, they would change my lenses, now they're refuting it. Telling me to go nearby store, and there is no store in Meerut."

Pamela Karam Akl says

"They got the worst customer service, they never reply to emails or whatsapp. Was supposed to receive my order on the 9th of December but still nothing from them, not even a reply."

Divya Rawat says

"I had bought my glasses from here while I was in Canada (My sister couriered it to me), however I had problem with my right glass axis as It was only clearer when I tilted the glass, hence I had sent it back to India to fix, but then they gave me the same glasses without any fixes and now when I got a chance to return India and get it fixed, they come up with a new issue and aren’t accepting the return and made us visit multiple times with no fix yet (WHY WASTE MY TIME?)
Moreover I was told my glasses would be thinner, but they were much thicker than shown. It’s ridiculous when you spend more than 10K for your glasses to get them right from a better place and it turns out worst or unusable.
Would NEVER RECOMMEND lenskart to anyone ever!"

Narayan Timalsina says

"breakage is not covered under our return or warranty policy, hence, our system would not allow to provide replacement against the product."


"Horrible service"

Sarbeswar says

"Frame loose within 10 days, problem not solved only manipulation. Lens fitting also not accurate."

Jeff Cold says

"Update: On 22 DEC I got a reply email said they left New Delhi, India on 19 DEC. DHL says they're in OH. I'm in NC *********end update**********
Ordered two pair of progressive glasses on 27 NOV 2020. I tried three times to manually put in the prescription online. Two weeks past until they said they didn't get the prescription. I emailed the prescription to the CSR. Then a week passed and I get another email saying no prescription. I replied that I did send it and to whom. Then another email about a 5-7 day delay."

Frank Paul says

"I ordered two pairs of glasses with progressive lenses
The frames are cheap plastic and very fragile. The arm broke off one. I emailed customer service and they requested a picture of the damage, so I sent one. Of course it wasn't covered under warranty. I asked If I could by the frames only since the lenses were more expensive than the single vision lenses. After emailing the question five times, I finally gave up. A month later I finally got a response that I could buy the frames, but when I checked the price of the frames they're just as expensive as replacing the entire pair of glasses!! No thank you. There are too many other sites to buy from, so now I've ordered with Zenni.com"

Alex Levine says

"I ordered 2 pair of reading glasses from their website. They advertised a special in mid-December offering 2 pair for $45. The website has a virtual assistant that enables you take a picture and then try on the frames they offer and see how they will look. Functionality is good but there is a lag and it is difficult to switch pairs. Their ad said glasses take about a week to arrive but, as they advised in a follow up email, due to demand, it took about 2 weeks and arrived via DHL from India. One pair was perfect but the other pair came without prescription lenses, just plastic inserts. I email them again with my prescription and a picture of the frames with the inserts they sent me and they said they would rectify the order but it's been about 2 weeks since last contact and I still have not received any notification that a new pair would be shipped. Not sure if they will fulfill the order."

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